The idea and design behind Masmara is what differentiates us from every other resort on the island. We have taken a unique approach integrating surf, culture and art. With these elements we want to personalise your experience here in Bali as much as we can to make your trip unforgettable. It is our attention to detail and commitment to our guests’ satisfaction that sets us apart.

Masmara has been a long time in the making. After more than two decades of passion, knowledge and success with various projects in Bali, we knew time was right for our next evolution. We have been fully immersing ourselves in this beautiful island while getting to know all of its nuances to ensure you have the best experience possible.


Location was paramount in our search for this paradise. Nestled between perfect waves, jungle scenery, local culture and a harming town we have something for everyone at Masmara. This up and coming area of Bali holds on to what the island became famous for while having modern experiences at your fingertips.

We are hidden from the mass tourist hotspots, yet within easy reach from the main hubs of the island. Whether you are looking for a quick escape, or have enough time to enjoy a longer retreat, we are perfectly positioned for you.