Surf with us

Experience the joy of living within walking distance to the ocean and an array of quality waves for all abilities and levels. Whether you want to catch your first real wave, ride a variety of green waves or get barreled – our home beach has it all.

MASMARA surf guiding & coaching is designed for surfers to improve their skills. Our qualified coaches will support you according to your level in and out of the water and show you the best technique by using Ipad video analysis software.

SURF Coaching will include:

  • Programs for all levels family, men, women & groms
  • Personalised surfing sessions
  • Video analysis
  • Instructions to improve technique
  • Board rental evaluation and advice
  • A copy of all your video footage
  • Transportation

Sama-Sama Boat · Explore with us

Come aboard the SAMA-SAMA and experience a truly unique boat journey that you’ll never forget. Our SAMA-SAMA boat trips will bring you to uncrowded lineups and the gorgeously beautiful world of Eastern Indonesia.

Sama-Sama translates to “You Are Welcome” and this is the perfect name for our stylish boat, a surfer’s dream maker. The beautiful 20m traditional motor sailer is an elegant construction of high quality iron and teakwood, featuring the latest navigation and safety equipment as well as a dinghy.

Culture & Nature · Breathe with us

Stunningly beautiful nature and the unique culture that lives alongside is yours to explore. We offer the most authentic way to experience it all with a range of guided hikes and tours through nature and villages off the beaten track. Here you can get in contact with the local people and their traditions.

TREKKING will include:

  • Half day hike
  • Short, medium & long
  • Drinks & snacks
  • Transportation

Nature · Ride with us

For a faster-paced experience, we can offer you a variety of bike tours to explore the local communities and the beautiful scenery. Bali also boasts some incredible bike trails to suit all levels of riders. From cruisy tours through local villages and jungles to downhill tracks that will get your adrenaline pumping – we have got you covered.

BIKING will include:

  • Day ride
  • Drinks & snacks
  • Bike rental
  • Transportation

Art · Play with us

We integrate local and international artists in the design process and initiate collaborations between selected local and international artists on site. The resort functions as a display for exhibitions, installations and events that blend together artists' visions from traditional handcraft work to all the beauty of modernity.

Energize · Heal with us

Our local & international healers will help you to grow your health-promoting habits and to reduce damaging traits. The result is not only health-focused adjustment, but above all a sustainable improvement in your quality of life.