Masmara Resort impresses with its unique location tucked between ocean views, volcanic panoramas and a 150m walk to the beach. This location allows guests to enjoy all the best parts of tropical nature, whilst also being only a fifteen-minute stroll away from the busy yet charming heart of Canggu.


Experience living within walking distance to the ocean and a variety of great waves suitable for all levels. Our home beach offers the kind of spots where you can catch your first real wave, ride lots of lush blue waves or catch some cranking barrels.

Venturing further afield, our centered and prime location means all of Bali’s famous waves are in reach of our guests. As you’ll be staying on one of the most consistent surf islands on the planet, we can definitely find a wave that suits you.


This little island has been enticing visitors to its shores for many years for all the right reasons. The perfect balance of exotic jungles, volcanic scenery, mountain landscapes and tropical oceans provides something for everyone.


You will not want to miss out on the uniqueness of this island, its culture, religion and way of life. From the small daily offerings to the vast colourful ceremonies and dances, there is something awe-inspiring about the locals of this island. At Masmara we are surrounded by it all and are proud to embrace the local traditions that are omnipresent on this magical island.